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We specialize in both in-person and virtual Substance Abuse Professional Evaluations, catering to individuals requiring clearance for return-to-duty testing. Over the past decade, we've assisted thousands in completing their alcohol and drug evaluations and sap evaluations for work.

Our services extend to providing necessary clearance for agencies including the FAA, FMCSA, USCG, FRA, FTA, and PHMSA. Whether from your home or office, our virtual evaluations can be completed using just your cell phone, tablet, or laptop, making the process as convenient as possible for you.

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Benefits of Working with Us

Navigate with Ease

Let our experts simplify DOT regulations, making your path to recovery and return-to-duty smooth and stress-free.

Tailored Recovery Plans

Receive a customized treatment plan to suit your unique circumstances, ensuring the best possible outcome for your situation.

Your Clear Path Back to Work

Our straightforward process helps you meet all necessary requirements to resume your role with safety and confidence.

Safety First

Ensuring a safer workplace is our priority, reducing risks for everyone involved.

Highly Confidential and Supportive:

Your privacy and comfort are paramount. We offer a safe space to discuss and overcome your challenges.

Prevent Future Hurdles

Gain insights to avoid future issues, promoting a healthier, more productive career.



Meet Your Expert: Derek and his team of seasoned SAP evaluators offer empathy and professionalism, ensuring a judgment-free experience.


SAP Evaluation: Through a detailed assessment, we gain insights into your situation, emphasizing honesty for the best recovery plan.


Personalized SAP Program: We recommend treatment or education based on your unique needs, from drug education programs to intensive treatments.


Follow-Up: A crucial step to ensure readiness to return to duty, involving a follow-up evaluation by your SAP.

General Disclaimer: Every individual’s return-to-duty process is as unique as their situation. Factors such as the specific nature of the violation, individual treatment needs, and compliance with recommended programs significantly influence the timeline for clearance. While expedited processes are possible and do happen, they are not guaranteed for all cases. The duration can extend significantly, especially for individuals undergoing intensive substance abuse treatment. We are dedicated to providing a transparent, honest, and supportive journey for every client, tailored to meet your specific needs and circumstances.

Meet Your Qualified SAP Evaluator

Derek Collins

At the heart of our SAP Evaluation services lies Derek Collins, a qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) who brings not only unparalleled expertise but also genuine care and understanding to every evaluation. With years of experience in guiding individuals through their return-to-duty process, Derek stands out for his empathetic approach and deep knowledge of DOT regulations and recovery pathways.

Derek’s journey in the field began with a simple mission: to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives by helping them overcome challenges and safely return to their professional roles. His commitment to this mission has led to hundreds of success stories, each underscoring the impact of personalized support and expert guidance.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Joe Arkansas
Joe Arkansas
Very positive uplifting and helpful people. Mr Collins shows he cares when I felt like I didn't care
Mary Smith
Mary Smith
Had a awesome experience with Derek i highly recommend working with him
John Chambers
John Chambers
Jessica Brown
Jessica Brown
I can't say enough great things about the Diversion Center and their processes. I was so impressed with the scheduling staff. They were available via text, phone, and email. They asked questions so I could make sure I was getting the right assessment and were able to schedule same-day! They talked me through the process and then follow-up with me on the paperwork to let me know they received it. Derek Collins worked with me on my assessments. The very best thing is he was real. It didn't feel like talking to a robot or just someone going down a list of questions. He was honest and authentic. That made me feel like it was a safe space to be honest and authentic. He listened to me. It was the perfect mix of professional mixed with human compassion and understanding. I would recommend anyone seeking any assessment to reach out to the Diversion Center immediately.
Michelle Bowsky
Michelle Bowsky
I would very strongly recommend this place to everyone. Derek is an amazing person to talk too. He makes you feel comfortable, and the process is truly refreshing. Derek is very relatable and a true professional as well.
Atlien Rock
Atlien Rock
Derek and his staff are amazing. They helped me with everything in such a timely fashion.
Ayaanle Banade
Ayaanle Banade
Amazing experience Derek collins is guy u need forsure got me back on the road quick.!!!
Marlon Colston
Marlon Colston
I have nothing but great things to say. My experience was painless. Follow the program as told and you will come out on the other side. Everyone deserves a second chance why not let them help. “Stay negative people”
Tj Wyrick
Tj Wyrick
Derek was super easy to talk to and was very genuine. I had a lot of reservations about all of this because normally you get these people that don't understand the struggle and you just feel like you're being judged the whole time. But he really related to me and I appreciated what he had to say.


Affordable SAP Evaluations starts at $200. Financial concerns shouldn’t prevent you from taking the necessary steps toward your career recovery. Our transparent pricing and interest-free payment plan (details provided upon consultation) are designed to help you achieve your goals without financial strain.

Frequently Asked Questions - Watch our video

We offer highly affordable SAP Evaluations, the cost is $200 to get started. We understand that this can be a difficult time financially and want to ensure you can achieve your goals without breaking the bank. This does not include the cost of your follow-up education or treatment. Call us today at 800-451-2170 to get started.

This does not include the cost of your follow-up evaluation, education or treatment.

For those that do not have alcohol or drug problem, it can be completed in one day. For those that are suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, it can take weeks or months.

This does not include the cost of your follow-up evaluation, education or treatment.


You will meet with a qualified SAP who will ask you questions about your violation, drug and alcohol use history, employment history, abuse history, family history, and any other relevant information. This evaluation is used to determine the level of care for your SAP Program.


The SAP Program is not designed to hurt you. It is designed to help you. The qualified SAP Evaluator will ask questions about your specific circumstances and will use this information to develop a plan of action.


The SAP Program is not covered by insurance. Some employers pay for their employees to complete the program. While others do not. In most cases, you will have to pay for SAP Program yourself. We offer highly affordable rates to make the evaluation proc ess as stress – free as possible.


The evaluation is used to determine if you have a substance abuse problem and to develop a plan of action. Treatment or education will be based on the findings of the evaluation.


If you have failed a drug or alcohol test, you will need to complete the SAP Program. This is to ensure that you are fit for work and return to safety – sensitive duty.


In order to be qualified as a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), you must have at least one of the following credentials: 1) Licensed physician (Doctor of Medicine or Osteopathy) 2) Licensed or certified social worker 3) Licensed or certified psychologist Licensed or certified psychologist 4) Licensed or certified employee assistance professional 5) State – licensed or certified marriage and family therapist 6) IC&RC Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ADC) 7) Drug and alcohol counselor certified by an organization listed at Click Here.


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