SAP Evaluations in Jonesboro, GA

We provide SAP Evaluations compliant with the US DOT return to work process

A certified SAP Evaluation is available to help you return to duty as soon aws possible. Our professionals are available for evaluation Monday through Saturday in Jonesboro, GA.

SAP Evaluations are compliant with the DOT, FAA, FTA, PHSA, USCG, FMCSA, and FRA.

Same day appointments are available.

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DOT SAP Evaluations Office at 9442 S Main St #103 Jonesboro GA

DOT compliant SAP Evaluations in Jonesboro, GA

 DOT Employees who have failed or refused a drug and/or alcohol test won’t be allowed to work in safety sensitive positions until they complete the return to duty process. A SAP Evaluation is made by a certified professional who evaluates employees who violate the US DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations.

Substance abuse professionals are neutral. They act as a third party to help evaluate employees who work in safety-sensitive positions so they can protect public safety interests.

We make sure that employees are fit to return to duty through our substance abuse evaluations. We will meet with an employee to evaluate their needs for any potential treatment or education programs, as well as follow up treatment and aftercare.

The Return to Duty Process

To return to duty and remain in compliance with the US DOT, employees have to complete a clinical assessment in person with a SAP evaluator. During the SAP Evaluation one of our certified professionals will make a recommendation for treatment or education related to alcohol or other drug abuse and misuse.

The employee is then responsible to fulfill those education or treatment programs. A SAP Evaluator will provide a follow-up assessment to determine whether or not the employee is in compliance with their required course of action.

Once the employee has completed those requirements, they will be provided with a notice of compliance to return to duty.

What Happens at a Substance Abuse Professional Evaluation

Your SAP Evaluator has been certified and credentialed. They have all of the knowledge and training necessary to evaluate employees who fall under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation. US DOT Employees who have failed or refused to provide a drug test must see a SAP Evaluator before they can return to work.

At your DOT SAP Evaluation a professional will:

  • Evaluate a DOT employee who has failed or violated drug test requirements.
  • Recommend education, treatment, follow ups, and/or aftercare based on the DOT employees individual situation.
  • Assist a DOT Employer in deciding whether or not to allow an employee to work in a sensitive position dealing with public transportation
  • Determine whether or not a DOT employee is in compliance with their recommended course of education or treatment.

SAP evaluations are crucial to the safety of the millions of people who use transportation in the United States and we take our duty to the public very seriously.

A DOT certified SAP does:

  • Perform a face to face clinical evaluation and assessment to determine the best treatment or education programs for DOT employees who fail or refuse a drug test
  • Recommend appropriate education or treatment programs for DOT workers
  • Perform a followup appointment in person to evaluate if the DOT employee completed their requirements for treatment or education
  • Provide a plan for followup testing and requirements for the DOT employee
  • Make recommendations regarding potential continuing education or treatment programs

A DOT certified SAP doesn’t:

  • Determine whether or not the employee should return to work or be placed in a safety-sensitive position or whether or not they are fit to perform requirements of the job. The DOT employer makes that decision.
  • Advocate on behalf of the employee or the employer. A SAP Evaluator is a neutral third party.
  • Determine whether or not a DOT employee is fit for duty, unless otherwise required by a DOT agency’s regulations.

Credentials for DOT Certified SAP Evaluators


Social Workers



Employee Assistance Professional

Guidelines for DOT certified SAP Evaluators:

  • Clinical experience regarding diagnosis of disorders related to substance abuse.
  • Understanding of how their role as a substance abuse professional relates to the responsibilities employers have for ensuring the safety of the traveling public.
  • Meet all SAP standards and training requirements provided by the US DOT and other agencies
  • Hold one of the required qualifications and credentials to fill the role of SAP.
  • Knowledge and understanding of compliance reporting.
  • Receive a passing score on the examination for the role of SAP.
  • Understand the Department of Transportation’s drug use and alcohol misuse prevention rules for commercial transportation industries.
  • Understand the background and reasoning behind the Department of Transportation’s drug and alcohol testing program.
  • Knowledge of the Department of Transportation’s drug testing requirements, such as laboratory testing and collections.
  • Understand the role of the SAP in the initial evaluation, referrals for education and/or treatment, the follow-up evaluation, continuing treatment recommendations and the follow-up testing plan.