SAP Evaluation Cost

When it comes to driving under the influence, the Department of Transportation holds high standards for all of its employees, especially those that operate vehicles. In 2018, Georgia ranked 23rd for the rate of DUIs and other drunk-driving incidents. Any of those incidents involving a DOT employee likely resulted in a SAP evaluation. Most DOT employees needing our services worry about SAP evaluation cost.

DOT employees who are caught driving under the influence are required to complete their SAP evaluations before they can return to their full line of duty. If you’re in this position, you’re probably wondering about the SAP evaluation cost.

In this guide, we’ll answer any questions about the cost of a SAP evaluation and what else you will want to prepare for before arriving for your initial evaluation at the Diversion Center.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about your upcoming SAP evaluation.

What Is a SAP Evaluation?

SAP stands for substance abuse professional. If you work for the DOT and need to complete a SAP evaluation, you must work with a SAP that has been approved by the DOT–like our SAPs who work here, at the Diversion Center.

The purpose of a SAP evaluation is to provide DOT employees with the help they need to address any issues with substance abuse. We understand that all cases of substance abuse on the job are different, which is why we cater your return to duty process to your specific needs. 

The SAP evaluation consists of three primary steps, although additional steps may be required.

The first step is completing your initial SAP evaluation. The second step is completing any programs your SAP assigns. Finally, you will need to return for a follow-up evaluation, during which your SAP will determine whether or not you’re ready to go back to work or if further treatment is necessary.

When Is a SAP Evaluation Required?

A SAP evaluation is required when a DOT employee has violated the department’s drug and/or alcohol regulations and wants to return to their full line of duty. What is considered a violation of these regulations?

There are three primary ways that a DOT employee may violate DOT drug and alcohol regulations. If you are asked to take an alcohol test and refuse to take it or are found to have a BAC level of 0.4% or higher, you have violated DOT drug and alcohol regulations. If a DOT drug test reveals that you are using drugs including, but not limited to, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or certain prescription drugs, you are in violation of DOT drug and alcohol regulations.

In some cases, an employer may choose to terminate the employee in question. If they wish to keep this employee in their employment, they will have to verify that the employee completes their SAP evaluation.

What Is the SAP Evaluation Cost?

There is no set price everyone will pay open receiving and completing a SAP evaluation. However, SAP evaluation cost an average of $400 to $500. This price covers your face-to-face evaluations from a certified SAP.

Now, let’s talk about additional costs you may expect to pay and who will be responsible for paying them.

Will Your Employer Pay For Your Full SAP Evaluation Cost?

At times, your employer may pay the full cost for your SAP evaluation. Generally, if your employer chooses to pay your full SAP evaluation cost, it will be required that they contact us at Diversion Center directly. However, it is not required that your employer pays for your SAP evaluation under most circumstances.

What Other Costs May Be Associated With a SAP Evaluation?

As we mentioned earlier, a fee of approximately $400 to $500 will cover your time meeting with your SAP. This includes both the initial SAP evaluation as well as the follow-up evaluation.

However, this does not represent the total sum of all costs associated with a SAP evaluation and the return to work process.

During your SAP process, you may be required to take a drug or alcohol test, possibly more than once. Because these are not provided by the DOT during this process, you will be expected to pay for them. They may cost between $30 and $60.

In addition, many of the programs your SAP will require you to complete cost money. These can include educational programs that cover the importance of alert and sober driving. They will also likely include rehabilitative programs such as detoxes, cognitive therapy, and support groups.

That being said, your SAP will work hard to find programs that meet your financial needs. This includes finding programs that can be completed close to your home and finding programs that are not outside of your budget. Depending on your insurance coverage, you may be able to use your insurance to help cover some of these related costs.

How Can You Return to Work After Getting Your SAP Evaluation?

In order to return to your full line of work, you will need to complete all programs required by your SAP. You will then return to Diversion Center for your follow-up evaluation, where we will discuss your progress. If your SAP determines that you are rehabilitated and do not pose a serious risk of a repeat incident, they will give you the forms you need to return to work.

They may also require you to continue some of your programs for a set period of time after returning to work. This often includes sobriety support groups. Your SAP will work hard to ensure that continuing to seek treatment does not place an undue financial burden on you.

Schedule Your SAP Evaluation Today

When you violate the DOT drug and alcohol regulations, you are required to complete a SAP evaluation before returning to work. Unfortunately, that means that someone must pay the SAP evaluation cost. We hope that this guide has provided you with the insight you need to prepare for your SAP evaluation.

To get started right away, schedule an appointment with the Diversion Center closest to you. We have several locations in Georgia and the best way to schedule an appointment is to directly call the center you intend to go to. Feel free to contact us for further information about SAP evaluation cost.